My sweet, talented friend Chelsea was so kind and patient with me in the fall as I tried to bring my vision for a logo into reality and she far exceeded anything I could’ve created on my own! 

Here’s an explanation of why I chose what I chose: 

  • The pregnant mama is sitting in a very relaxed posture and seems alert and ready for what lies ahead, yet she’s calm. Her posture is open which is symbolic for how a woman must open in childbirth, but also how she opens in the months before and after that. 
  • The mama is surrounded by a laurel wreath (made of various interlocking branches and leaves) which has historically been a symbol of victory and honor. There are several reasons why I like the imagery and symbolism of the laurel wreath:  
  1. It can be used to represent nature and the continuation of life from year to year.
  2. In the past the wreath was been given to scholars and athletes upon completing certain tasks, a reward for crossing the finish line.
  3. The Laurus nobilis (the laurel tree) is an evergreen plant, native to the Mediterranean region. I like associating women and mothers with evergreens. Both are beautiful, strong creations that are able to endure many trials and environmental changes, yet remain firmly rooted and are constant sources of shelter and familiarity.
  4. Apart from being a symbol of victory, laurel leaves are also believed to be a sign of success, and prosperity. In some circles, they're also considered to be an emblem of rebirth.
  5. Laurel leaves have been believed to inspire creativity and help one awaken spiritually and become more aware of everything.

And finally, I wanted a symbol of peace to be included in the design, as that word and concept has been very special to me for many years. The violet is a floral symbol of peace and its soft purple color paired well with the cool teal that I envisioned for this design. It has been used to represent healing, loyalty, devotion, innocence, abundance, and providence (as they can be eaten, even the roots). 

As far as I'm concerned, pregnancy, birth and motherhood involve all of these points and so many more. I truly couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out and I hope that the public enjoys it as much as I do.