When I was pregnant with our first child, I was planning for a home birth and opted to go with the basic childbirth education that my midwife duo offered. I wasn't all that impressed with their style of teaching, but I already had a lot of knowledge on my own to supplement so I felt okay about things. I took it upon myself to research, read and ask around about the things I wasn't so sure about. I continued in this fashion the next time I was pregnant I and shared the things that I learned with my husband. 

Fast forward several years as I continued to leaf through books, read countless websites and learn more within the birth world. I spoke with other women about their childbirth education experience (if they chose to take a class) and I listened to their high points about the class/instructor... and lots of complaints. I started to think that there ought to be a different way of teaching expectant parents about birth. The thought of a mama-to-be and her partner being squished into a sterile hospital classroom with faulty fluorescent lighting, uncomfortable chairs, stale Folgers coffee and one course outline being taught to all students sounded sad and so impersonal to me. 

Enter: ProDoula and their approach to childbirth education. Their vision clicked with mine, there was finally a new option to choose from.

ProDoula provides the general curriculum that I use for my childbirth education classes, but I tailor the classes to meet the needs of each particular client. First time parent who wants to know as much as possible? No problem, we'll cover the entire curriculum on a schedule that fits into your life. Maybe its not your first child, but you want to do things differently this time around and you only want to cover certain topics? Of course! I'll give you a menu to choose from and we'll cover only the topics that you're interested in. Maybe this isn't your first pregnancy, but its the first time your partner has experienced pregnancy and you want to adapt a class to his/her particular questions? You've got it! 

Get the theme here? Your wish is my command and the options are many for what we can cover and when. Where do I teach? Oh, I'll come to your house, we could reserve a meeting room somewhere, or we could meet for lunch over a few weeks and go through the curriculum. The setting is up to you, the course is up to you. This pregnancy is YOURS and the information you receive before the birthing day should feel like yours too. 

If you have questions, I'd love to answer them for you. What do you want from your childbirth education experience?