This is the first in a series about the female pelvic floor (PF). This is something I'm still learning about myself, but I find the information absolutely fascinating and wish I had known these things years ago. Its all too good not to share!

The female pelvic organs include the vagina, uterus, bladder, urethra, and rectum. These organs are held in place by muscles of the pelvic floor and there are many layers of connective tissue that also give support. 

There are some excellent images to illustrate all of this on this site. (Warning for the squeamish: In addition to black and white drawings, there are a couple of color photos of real female anatomy.) That link probably gives you way more information than you need, but I'm a visual learner and I find images like this really helpful.

The PF is important in not only providing support for the organs listed above, but also in maintenance of continence -aka- being able to control when you pee and poop. It expedites birth by resisting the descent of the presenting part of the PF, causing Baby to rotate forwards and navigate through the pelvis. Without a healthy PF, many women encounter a multitude of issues such as incontinence, sexual dysfunction and/or discomfort, complications in pregnancy and birth, even pelvic organ prolapse where the pelvic organs protrude in or outside of the vagina.

Again, this is incredible information I wish I had known years ago before even considering to conceive the first time around. Sure, thousands of women go throughout their pregnancies and probably most of their lives without knowing even a fraction of what I've touched upon here today and they turn out just fine. But. What if there's more? What if there were a few simple habits we could try to set in motion that could help us get a PF that bounces back from childbirth, sickness, sex and injury a little faster, a little stronger and a lot more functional? 

"Well, just what does a healthy pelvic floor even mean?" you might ask?

Stay tuned for part two in this series where I'll help you find answers to that question!




....You can watch her short video here.