This morning I want to address the mamas out there who have had cesarean sections (or c-sections). Grab a cuppa your favorite drink, get cozy and take a minute to breathe and read some words of love from yours truly.

Dear Mama Bear, 

I'll just come out and say it: Some women feel shame, disappointment, resentment, guilt or a sense of failure after having a c-section and well, this is so sad to me. Regardless of how your baby enters the world, you gave birth to new life that was once inside you and is now out and free in the world! You're a mother, your baby is your baby. Period. There are no strings attached when your baby is born via an incision made by a physician. It doesn't matter. For some, its the best option for birth due to health issues for Mom or Baby, the need for an emergency c-section, the position of the baby, etc. and for others it is just a preferred option for birth. And it is all okay. Women are amazing, fierce, incredibly creatures who should only be celebrated and encouraged after birth, nothing else. 

If you've ever felt "less than" among your friends who gave birth vaginally, I want you to shed that negative lie right now. Maybe those mamas did have an amazing birth experience and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Maybe. Or maybe, and probably way more than you think, they probably have parts of their birth stories that they don't love too and wish they could've done things differently. For some women, it can be easy to make the birthing process sound all peachy when underneath, they're crying and feeling their own sense of shame, guilt or disappointment over the process. 

My hope is that one day women will be able to rise above - above the noise of self-doubt, above the stress and fears of what others think of them, and waaaaay above the need to make someone else feel bad about themselves so that we can feel good - and leave the childbirthing experience feeling supported, loved and able to hold our heads high. I hope you always have at least one safe woman to talk to and that you'll pay it forward, being a safe refuge for other mothers who come after you. 

You're magnificent! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Love, Kelli