Janeen Smith-Hughes is another friend I’ve made through my time at Zora’s House. We often co-work on Tuesdays and having her to bounce ideas off of and take breaks to chat has been a sweet part of my week. Janeen is a CPA and she’s already helped me with finance-related questions so she’s your girl if you need help with taxes and more. She’s got two children and today we get to hear about their birth stories. Janeen, thanks so much for your help with this project!

I have 2 children. My oldest, Jasmine, was born via C-section. My youngest was a VBAC. Jasmine was frank breech so my C-section was scheduled for week 39. However, she decided that she was ready to come the same day we discovered she was breech, so I had an unscheduled C-section after about 6 hours of labor.

I would describe my experience as neutral - neither positive nor negative. Because of the circumstances of my C-section, I was not shamed at all. The drape was not see through at the C-section but my husband was able to be on the other side. He was able to assist with the delivery and immediate care and bring her to me.  With Jasmine, I was able to do skin to skin bonding within 30 minutes of her being born. After our first nursing session, we both slept in the recovery room.

Because the C-section was last minute, I was unprepared for the anesthesia and panicked a little during the spinal. I also did not know what the recovery was going to be like. I didn't know it would be a full 2 weeks before I was really feel like myself. The pain was manageable with medication for the first five to seven days and then I was able to get off of it.

The three things that I'd like the world to know are:

  1.  C-sections are safe and manageable as long as you follow the instructions of your caregivers.

  2. A spinal means you won't feel pain, not that you won't feel anything. I felt every cut and tug, but it didn't hurt.

  3. You really have to listen to your body because a C-sections section is major surgery and it does take a while to recover.