Today’s story comes from Calesta, a sweet mama of three, ProDoula trained Labor Doula and nurse in Columbus. Girl, thanks so much for participating in this. I really appreciate your help!

How many children do you have and how many were born via cesarean? I have three children, my second was a cesarean. The cesarean was not planned - she was an emergency cesarean. Yet I was able to have my third natural.

Were you happy with your experience?
Overall I was happy I now have a beautiful healthy daughter.

Have you ever experienced any shaming or questioning that made you feel uncomfortable after your cesarean? I have not had any shaming, but maybe it’s because I had two others that were vaginal deliveries and one natural.

Were you able to do skin-to-skin with your baby immediately after the birth, even before leaving the operating room? Yes, I was able to do skin to skin with my daughter in the operating room. 

Was there a clear, see through drape between you and Baby at the time of the operation? There was a drape, but it was not clear.

If you chose to breastfeed your baby, were you able to try nursing your baby within the first hour after birth?
I wasn’t able to breast feed until I was in my room. 

What was your recovery like: Better or worse than expected? More emotionally or physically draining than you were prepared for? I think physically I was okay. There was some discomfort, but mentally I was really distraught and I went through the worst postpartum depression with my second. I’m not sure if there was a link.

What are three things you’d like the world to know about cesarean birth?

  1. it doesn’t make you less of a mother or a woman.

  2. Your body will eventually recover.

  3. It’s safe and trust yourself because you can get through anything.