Kim Kammer is a sweet woman I met last month at a ProDoula training. I’m thankful for her participation in this project and the details she was able to share even though her births happened more than 20 years ago! If you’re in the Cincinnati area and need a labor or postpartum doula or could use help from an Infant Feeding Specialist, Kim’s got ya covered!

How many children do you have and how many were born via cesarean? I have 3 children and 2 were c section

If you’ve had more than one cesarean, were the others planned? If so, what was the reason? If not, what happened in the birth that ended up resulting with a repeat cesarean? my second child was an emergency c section and my 3rd was planned vbac but we ended up scheduling a c section. It was my choice to have it scheduled 

Were you happy with your experience? If you’ve had more than one cesarean, were you happy with one and not with another? Explain? I was definitely happy scheduling my 2nd c section instead of the risk of having an emergency c section 

Have you ever experienced any shaming or questioning that made you feel uncomfortable after your cesarean? No I have never received any shaming about my c sections...they were 27 and 25 years ago

Were you able to do skin-to-skin with your baby immediately after the birth, even before leaving the operating room? Yes we did skin to skin after my last c section but 1st c section no..I was in ICU for 24 hours

Was there a clear, see through drape between you and Baby at the time of the operation? No.

If you chose to breastfeed your baby, were you able to try nursing your baby within the first hour after birth? Yes

What was your recovery like: Better or worse than expected? More emotionally or physically draining than you were prepared for? My recovery was similar to vaginal birth, just different type of pain

If your cesarean was planned, did you feel well-prepared for the procedure itself, what to expect regarding recovery and was your healthcare provider willing to work with you to get the birth experience you desired? 1st c section was emergency so I wasn’t prepared and 2nd I was completely prepared and knew what to expect

What would you like the world to know about cesarean birth?

  1. C sections are really not as bad as everyone says, the result is still the same, you have a beautiful new life

  2. c section pain/discomfort is a little different than vaginal birth